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I very rarely get the urge to write a blog post. This will remain here mostly for archival purposes, but do not expect new entries very often.

for 2019

Try out Openbazaar
You may have heard of the decentralized open source market place called Openbazaar, but probably have not tried it out. I only say this from my own experience after having a number of items listed for sale on the ...
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Leaving my career
I officially spent my last day sitting in a full-time office job back in July of 2014, after which I tried for several years to get a small business (with a partner) to become profitable. This ultimately failed and I ...
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Archive your receipts and make money
There is an app called "Receipt Hog" which allows you to take pictures of your shopping receipts with your smartphone and gives you points for doing so. Points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, cash toward your VISA ...
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Global warming and the coming collapse
I have always believed in global warming. I also believe that human activity in the last number of decades greatly increased global warming and continues to do so. To even be required to state that "I believe" ...
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Browse Bravely
There's a cool new browser around that let you accumulate cryptocurrency while you surf and makes tipping website owners, Youtube & Twitch channels, as well as Twitter accounts, easy. It is called the Brave browser and it is based on ...
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Obtaining and selling Bitcoin in Canada
Are you living in Canada and want to get into cryptocurrency? It is not the easiest task unless you have somebody to personally guide you. It all starts with obtaining some Bitcoin, the oldest/original cryptocurrency and the one ...
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Worth it to get into rentals via Airbnb?
With my son recently getting accepted into the Math program at the University of Waterloo and me working almost exclusively from home, I figure it will soon be the time to think about moving into a different space and possibly trying ...
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Let's take a look at Madbyte
The cryptocurrency called [Madbyte]( was created in early 2017 and was basically a clone of Litecoin with halving/reward/timing parameters changed (like many smaller alt-coins are). It has 1 minute block time with retargeting every 270 blocks, mining reward halving every 1,200,000 ...
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Get premium Android apps for free!
If you have an Android smartphone, you need to install the [Google Opinion Rewards]( app! This will occasionally pop up a notification depending on the areas you visit and ask you a simple multiple choice question. Answer them honestly when they ...
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The Dreams game is awesome
I recently got the Dreams game by Media Molecule on my PS4 and in my opinion, it is a must-have! The game is still in early beta but available for purchase and download from the PSN online store for a limited ...
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Make money using Job Spotter
Look for the "Job Spotter" app by Indeed on your smartphone. This app will let you make money by taking close-up pictures of "help wanted" signs and the associated business storefront with their name visible. I went for a short drive ...
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Attempting to sell smartphone photos on Foap
After reading a bunch about selling photos online, I've decided to try what I think might be the simplest method for somebody with no professional photography skills and only a smartphone camera. I downloaded and installed the Foap app by []( ...
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Why I Blog On Steemit
Steemit has gotten a bad rap during 2018 as the value of the Steem cryptocurrency continued to bottom out. All cryptocurrencies during this time have been dropping hard so it wasn't unexpected for Steem to do so as well. Now, partway ...
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Skip Uber and Lyft
Like many before me, I looked at making extra money by driving for Uber and Lyft but decided the wear and tear on my 9-year-old car combined with the low pay from those middleman companies is just not worth it. Perhaps ...
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Make money with Kidazzler
Do you live in Canada or the United States and have any interest in researching kid-focused and family-friendly businesses? Kidazzler is currently in the phase of building its directory of businesses and they are doing so by outsourcing the research to ...
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Side Hustling in Canada
I've started doing something I tried back in the early 2000's, the side hustle to make extra cash. At that time, I basically did pay-per-click and affiliate link websites which made me a little bit but I didn't keep them up. ...
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