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I very rarely get the urge to write a blog post. This will remain here mostly for archival purposes, but do not expect new entries very often.

for 2022

Youtube guitarists that I follow
I tend to watch a lot of guitarist-oriented Youtube videos as learning guitar is one of my current hobbies. I decided to compile a list of some of my favourites, in no particular order. All are metal and rock oriented. ...
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Making friends is hard
I grew up in a small northern Ontario town in an even smaller Finnish / church cultural circle. Even as a shy young introvert, making friends in that kind of limited circle was not too difficult. My childhood was during the ...
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Apps to help guitar beginners
As a beginner guitarist, I'm always looking for smartphone apps that can help me out. I've compiled a small list of the apps I am currently using on my smartphone. I specifically avoid ones that have monthly fees, so you won't ...
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Assembling a guitar kit
My son recently requested that I build him an electric guitar. He wanted a flying-v with a custom wrap on it. I got a guitar kit from Solo Music Gear (located near Toronto, Ontario) and a skin from Axe ...
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Living in a post-truth world
People were already writing articles about post-truth back in 2017, a year after Trump came into power in the United States. Now in 2021, the fact that so many around the world (but mostly North America) have decided it is ...
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