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Marko My name is Marko Vidberg and I am a Canadian tech geek. I have been involved with computers since 1985 and the Internet since 1995. I have a wide breadth of knowledge in the computer field, with a university degree in computer science and numerous years of work experience in web development, Linux server administration, programming, database administration, networking, hardware solutions, technical support and consultation. I am fluent in English (reading / writing / speaking) and fully understand Finnish as well (although my reading / speaking is very rusty).

You can find me on Discord by the handle "cryptocronic#7690", on Facebook as markovidberg, and on Twitter as mvidberg.

Crypto Conspectus I am semi-retired and only take on smaller freelance web projects. I spend my spare time tinkering with hobby projects, mostly related to things on the Internet or cryptocurrencies. Check out my book! If you think you have an opportunity for me, please contact me! I am interested in the betterment of society and helping others find happiness.

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Youtube guitarists that I follow
I tend to watch a lot of guitarist-oriented Youtube videos as learning guitar is one of my current hobbies. I decided to compile a list of some of my favourites, in no particular order. All are metal and rock oriented. ...
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Making friends is hard
I grew up in a small northern Ontario town in an even smaller Finnish / church cultural circle. Even as a shy young introvert, making friends in that kind of limited circle was not too difficult. My childhood was during the ...
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Apps to help guitar beginners
As a beginner guitarist, I'm always looking for smartphone apps that can help me out. I've compiled a small list of the apps I am currently using on my smartphone. I specifically avoid ones that have monthly fees, so you won't ...
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Assembling a guitar kit
My son recently requested that I build him an electric guitar. He wanted a flying-v with a custom wrap on it. I got a guitar kit from Solo Music Gear (located near Toronto, Ontario) and a skin from Axe ...
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Living in a post-truth world
People were already writing articles about post-truth back in 2017, a year after Trump came into power in the United States. Now in 2021, the fact that so many around the world (but mostly North America) have decided it is ...
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The years of COVID
I have been really lazy in getting any blog content posted as I have been mostly focusing on writing for the MadCapX crypto research newsletter and my book. These years of COVID lockdowns and various craziness is really tiring. ...
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