Make money using Job Spotter

Publish date: 2019-05-14

Look for the "Job Spotter" app by Indeed on your smartphone. This app will let you make money by taking close-up pictures of "help wanted" signs and the associated business storefront with their name visible. I went for a short drive to the nearest industrial area in my town and took pictures of 6 signs/businesses. I earned about $6 CAD on my first try. I went out again the next day and walked around our downtown. Snapped a few more pictures and am now up to $11 CAD. They don't actually payout via cash, but rather Amazon coupon. This is great for me since I am an Amazon Prime member and utilize it quite a bit.

You can also verify other peoples sign images. I will often do this while I'm sitting in the parking lot waiting for the spouse to come out of a store. Basically, you are shown a help wanted sign which you need to confirm is readable. Then, you are shown the corresponding storefront with business name/sign on it and asked to confirm that it is indeed the correct business. You need to verify quite a few before you are given an extra 10 points but it goes rather quickly once you get the hang of it.

Obviously, you won't make a ton of money but it's nice to have the app handy when you go for walks or are driving around. Any extra income always helps, especially when you don't need to put in much effort to get it. You can see your pictures come up if you go to the website or use their app. Just search for "help wanted" in your area (assuming you took the pictures near you). You will find a bunch of examples of other peoples sign submissions this way as well. I will post an update to this sometime later once I've accumulated a bit more.

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