My name is Marko Vidberg and I am a tech geek with many years of experience in managing websites, web development, Linux server administration and systems setup. I also provide some cryptocurrency services.

I specialize in webmaster services, WordPress, custom PHP / HTML sites, social media management and Linux server administration.  Allow me to handle the management, upkeep and trouble-shooting of your website.  While I can provide this service to anyone or anyplace in the world, I prefer to have local (Cambridge, KW, Guelph, Ontario, Canada) clients. Have you ever wished you could hire an IT professional to manage your website or social media accounts but could not justify paying a full-time salary? Well, that’s where I come in. I am an IT professional that can learn about your industry and your website to make sure it stays relevant, secure and updated for only $99 CAD per month. Need more than just basic upkeep? I can analyze your needs and come up with a custom pricing plan suited to your requirements.  This is a one-man operation but I have numerous external contacts and resources that I can depend on for backup when needed.  I promise to never take on so many clients that I can’t devote appropriate time to everyone.

Marko's Business Card

I have been involved with computers since 1985 and the Internet since 1995. I have a wide breadth of knowledge in the computer field. I have a university degree in computer science and have numerous years of work experience in Linux server administration, programming, web development, database administration, networking, hardware solutions, technical support, support team management and consultation.  I am fluent in English (reading / writing / speaking) and fully understand Finnish as well (although my reading / speaking is very rusty).

My resume can be see here.  I have a few side projects.  See my Github and my Gitlab accounts.

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Thanks, your support of a small-time Canadian entrepreneur is much appreciated!