Let’s have a look at OKCash

OKCash is a rebranded cryptocurrency that was created back in 2014 as Pimpcash.  Since the rebranding (takeover?) in April of 2015 by lead developer OKtoshi, OKCash has slowly been gaining ground as a popular community-based coin.   It is an interesting coin as there is nothing revolutionary going on under the hood – it is just another proof-of-stake coin, popular today among smaller coins.  The interesting bit comes from the fact that so many other developers and creative types are helping out with this coin.   Many projects have already been released with OKCash as the primary blockchain being utilized (see https://okcash.info/resources.html) and many more are currently being worked on.  I myself made a custom stats page for the coin at http://ok.cryptocronic.com.

OKtoshi seems to be one of the friendlier, smarter and more agreeable small coin devs that I have met.  He also created and maintains ROKOS, which is a Linux-based operating system for IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi that comes with a built-in wallet for OKCash (as well as other cryptocurrencies in the “Flavors” edition).  As ROKOS has all the libraries for coin building pre-loaded, it makes adding a new coin simple if you are a IoT device enthusiast.  The latest version also supports cgminer software modified to work with Gridseed miners so making your own headless scrypt mining rig is easy with ROKOS.

This community deserves the success that I’m sure is going to come to them.  Hopefully we will be seeing them listed on the larger Poloniex.com exchange sometime this year!  Keep putting in that great effort OKCash community!  You are an example of what an outstanding crypto community should look like.  Join them on Discord at https://discord.gg/HGCctxN

Website: http://okcash.co
Total coins: 105,000,000 OK
Algorithm: Proof-Of-Stake
Block time: 72 seconds
Exchanges: bittrex.com, bleutrade.com, cryptopia.co.nz, novaexchange.com (many others)
Market history: http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/okcash


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