Dream Shadows - Interactive Fiction / Text Adventure Game

Welcome! This is a FREE online text adventure game that takes place in a fantasy world. There are 10 quests that can be done while you explore, with more to be added in the future. Start by going North to find the old shack. Be aware that the game is multi-player (kind of) and the quest items are shared... so an item might not be available until another player is done with it or it gets reset after a certain time period. Also the NPCs walk around on their own and might not always be in the same place you saw them previously.

To set yourself a name, password, email or MBYT address, just type 'profile'. No need to "save" the game because as long as you use the same computer and web browser the game will continue where you left off every time you come back. Remember to type "logout" after finishing play on a public computer or else somebody else can take over your session. If you wish to access your character from another browser or computer, type "login". Type "who am I?" to find out what character you are currently inhabiting. Type "score" to see your current score. Type "index" to get back to this front page.

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Top scoring players may occasionally recieve a reward of Madbyte coins! Make sure you have downloaded the wallet software from madbyte.com and created a recieve address to specify in your profile.

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