I sell Bitcoin (as well as Canada eCoin and OKCash) for CAD cash only in the Cambridge, Ontario area.  Please fill out the quick form below and I will be in contact with you shortly regarding meeting/transaction/fee details.  My first-time fee is 20% (for example, if you have $20 to spend then I will take a $4 fee and give you $16 worth of Bitcoin) but will go lower with repeat purchases.

I will always do initial transactions in-person only for amounts of $100 or less.  Later transactions can possibly be done via bank eTransfer once trust has been established.

My email address is

I have CAD and want to buy in

Before we meet, I recommend you have a coin wallet app on your phone that can handle receiving payments in the crypto-currency you desire.  Or optionally have a print-out of the QR code to which I can send to.

Recommended smartphone wallets are:

  • Coinomi (available for Android and supports Bitcoin, Canada eCoin, OKCash, many others)
  • Mycelium (available for Android + iOS and supports Bitcoin)
  • Breadwallet (available for Android + iOS and supports Bitcoin)


The first popular crypto-currency and hence currently the most used and the most valuable.  The one you probably hear about on the news!

Canada eCoin

A favourite of mine because it's made by Canadians for Canadians.  Local developers right here in Cambridge keep this coin going!

OK Cash

A popular cryptocurrency with great developers and community behind it.  Click on each coins logo to get to their corresponding website!